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Discover JOY BOX

Get all wrapped up
in a bundle of joy!

About the JOY BOX…

Every JOY BOX has something new every month! Get ready to have some JOY in your monthly subscription BOX coming your way each month! Enjoy your time with your dog by following our Monthly Tips and Fun activity sheet found in each JOY BOX.

Your JOY BOX will include a monthly recipe card to make awesome treats and home remedies from our JOY OF COOKING for DOGS cookbook….

The JOY BOX could be interactive toys, simple natural treats, training aids, dog puzzles, all natural holistic dog toiletries, dog care or grooming products, dental care products, stress relieving fun toys, monthly doggie bandana, awesome dog treat recipe cards, sample products and more all wrapped up in a bundle of joy delivered to you or as a gift to a friend.

Whats In The JOY BOX….

You can look forward to:delivered to you or as a gift to a friend.

  • An planned activity like a puzzle
  • Themed Treats
  • A Holisitc Product such as Pest Spray or Paw Wax
  • Tools for grooming or dental cleaning
  • Durable Toys
  • Monthly Tips and Fun activity sheet

See what others have to say

“This company is so creative with the activities and items they send in the JOYBOX. I am always thrilled by the anticipation of the surprise when I get my JOY BOX! Its full of interesting and holisitic products. They really think about pleasing their customers with the selections they make for the box. Thank you for being a company true to its self! “

- Anne Boone

Love the fact that it's more than just toys and treats. Gets me doing activities with my dog.

- Bill S.